Hi again! I am Veena.

This is certainly not how I am usually dressed. It was just some priceless Halloween fun. But yes, I'm positively inspired by Frida Kahlo; especially by the fierce conviction in her own ideas.

I have always been a creative in my own right but my very Indian parents convinced me that I would make an exceptional techie. Six years and two degrees later, I found myself tapping away as a programmer. However, as hard as I tried, I couldn't shut down the gnawing feeling that it wasn't enough. I knew I had to pursue that creative in me. In retrospect though, I'm grateful to my parents as I knew I could now use all my software engineering know-how to solve problems faced by users and design better experiences for them. From all my experiences so far, I have learnt to appreciate the true power of collaborating cross-functionally, conducting user research, usability studies and designing with intent and empathy for the target audience.

I also love to sketch, sing, dance, write poetry, bake, travel and oh, of course, beat around the bush, jump to conclusions; you know, the usual. I've also been obsessed with EDM lately; here is a playlist of mostly techno and house music that I've been curating over the past couple of months.

I'm currently looking for full-time opportunities at a place where design has a seat at the table and I can have a positive impact on the way the world builds products. Feel free to check out my experience on LinkedIn, or if you just want to talk, drop me a note. I'm quite a fun person, I promise!